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SAIR Proposal

SAIR Conference Program 2017
Saturday, October 07, 2017
8:30 am to 11:30 am

Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 2
Workshop 02 - Students Engaging Students to Improve a Campus: Cultivating Students to Gather Insights

onversations with students in focus groups allow us to dig into the mechanisms behind the patterns we see in quantitative assessment data. They can also help us gather new evidence and answer questions with more detail and nuance than we might get from a survey. Through group discussion and planning packets, workshop participants will learn the benefits of this approach, how to create such a program, and the types of projects students can assist with—all without needing outside vendors or resources.

Room: Post Oak
Will Miller


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 3
Workshop 03 - Project Management Tools in IR: Facilitating Individual and Team Organization and Productivity

Today’s IR offices find themselves in great demand from multiple stakeholders. Data requests come at increasingly higher volumes and with urgency, many from institutional leaders who use data in decision-making. IR offices now find themselves at the center of institutional and, at times, state policy decisions, and with work that is typically project-based and cross-cutting between IR professionals and others, it is imperative for IR managers to implement tools to facilitate efficient work in their offices. This session will demonstrate a selection of productivity platforms, including Google Drive, Asana, Office 365 (Planner, SharePoint, Teams), and others, giving examples of how these platforms have been used to manage IR projects. Participants will leave with an action plan for implementing one or more project management tools in their IR offices.

Room: Elm Fork I
James M. Hunt Florida State University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 4
Workshop 04 - Using National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker data for IPEDS Outcome Measures Reporting

This presentation will focus primarily on using the NSC StudentTracker service to satisfy the requirements of the IPEDS Outcome Measures data collection. Additionally, the session will provide other tips for working with the StudentTracker detail file, and will provide an overview of the enhanced features that will be available when “StudentTracker 2.0” is launched in fall 2017.

Room: Elm Fork II
Jason DeWitt National Student Clearinghouse


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 6
Workshop 06 - From Numbers to Pictures: An Introduction to Tableau for Data Visualization

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Tableau as a tool for data visualization in higher education. The focus is on providing guidance on getting started with Tableau and creating some basic visualizations and workbooks. Topics to be covered will include Structuring and Connecting to Data, Creating Charts and Graphs, Using Filters and Parameters, Developing Calculated Fields, and Creating and Publishing Dashboards. Discussion about the elements of data visualization will be included. Examples will make use of a sample dataset of student data which will be provided.

Room: West Fork II
G Marc Turner Texas State University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 1
Workshop 01 - A Primer on SACSCOC Accreditation for IR Professionals: Recent Experiences from Both Sides of the Table

IR professionals both new and experienced may view the SACSCOC accreditation process and principles as baffling, redundant, and compliance driven. The presenter will clarify all things SACSCOC (or most all things) and present how to view the process and principles as value-added best practices. Special attention is given to how this is relevant to IR professionals' jobs. Wisdom gathered over 14 years as being the SACSCOC liaison for two universities AND having served on all three major review committees AND now as a member of SACSCOC Board of Trustees will be shared. Review of the anticipated revisions of the Principles of Accreditation will occur with possible changes that institutions may need to make.

Room: Bur Oak
John M. Cornwell Rice University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 5
Workshop 05 - Practical Predictive Analytics - Part I (Theory and Use)

The use of predictive analytics is a growing area of interest in the higher education industry. IR professionals will be the leaders within their organizations to implement these techniques and inform policy changes that come with trying to predict desired outcome metrics. The morning session will focus on when and why to use predictive analytics techniques. We will explore some of the major use cases for predictive analytics in higher education, and discuss how to determine the appropriate analysis methods for a given question.

Room: West Fork I
Bart Swecker University of Alabama at Birmingham
Craig Rudick University of Kentucky


Sessions: 6

SAIR 2017 Fort Worth