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SAIR Proposal

SAIR Conference Program 2017
Saturday, October 07, 2017
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 8
Workshop 08 - Meaningful Partners: The Role of Institutional Research in Enrollment Management

A close relationship between institutional research and enrollment management can help assure students who matriculate to campus are well-prepared to be successful. In this workshop, attendees will investigate and discuss the importance of this relationship, ways institutional research can benefit enrollment management, and how institutional researchers can play a more active role in assuring student success on campus. Skills examined will include predictive retention models, predictive graduation models, Clearinghouse file usage, and non-cognitive factors.

Room: Post Oak
Will Miller


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 9
Workshop 09 - Basic Statistics using Excel

This workshop, meant for Excel or statistics novices, will cover the use of Excel to conduct basic statistical analysis, including descriptive statistics, chi square, simple linear and multiple regression analysis. The workshop will also cover the basic theories behind these statistical concepts.

Room: Elm Fork I
Emily Campbell Louisiana Community & Technical College System
Rene Cintron Louisiana Community & Technical College System


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 10
Workshop 10 - A Beginnerís Guide in How to Track the Revised IPEDS Outcome Measure Graduation Rates

IPEDS recently changed the cohort definition to measure outcomes for degree granting institutions. In the past, institutions would measure full-time, first-time entering students and track their progress for 4, 6, 8, and on some occasions 10 years. IPEDS is now asking institutions to include and collect data on part-time degree seeking students, full-time, non-first-time entering students, and part-time, non-first-time entering students. Institutions are asked to track those students over a full year and report the retention and graduation rates of these students no matter if they are full or part-time.

Room: Elm Fork II
Suzanne Simpson The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Jennifer Moore Mississippi University for Women
Heath Campbell The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Andrew Garner Mississippi University for Women


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 11
Workshop 11 - Practical Predictive Analytics - Part II (Application and Execution)

The use of predictive analytics is a growing area of interest in the higher education industry. IR professionals will be the leaders within their organizations to implement these techniques and inform policy changes that come with trying to predict desired outcome metrics. The afternoon session will delve into specific multivariate methods, such as regression and decision trees. The emphasis will be on a conceptual understanding of the methods as well as practical tips for utilizing them. The session will be geared primarily at the methods more so than the tool.

Room: West Fork I
Craig Rudick University of Kentucky
Bart Swecker University of Alabama at Birmingham


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 12
Workshop 12 - From Pictures to Insight: An Intermediate Look at Tableau

This workshop is designed for those who are familiar with Tableau but are now looking to take your data visualizations and analytics to a new level. The focus will be on using more advanced calculations including table calculations and level of detail expressions. You should have familiarity with connecting to data sources and building basic visualizations and dashboards. Topics will include table calculations, level of detail expressions, parameters, advanced dual axis charts, and more. Examples will make use of a sample data set of student related data which will be provided.

Room: West Fork II
G. Marc Turner Texas State University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 7
Workshop 07: Strategies for Effectively Managing SACSCOC Accreditation

Successfully managing institutional accreditation activities requires knowledge, skill, patience, organization, and communication. Professionals responsible for preparing compliance reports or the QEP must execute their duties while also navigating changes such as new institutional leadership, uncertain budgets, new policies/procedures, and revisions to the SACSCOC Principles. The presenters of this workshop will explore an effective set of strategies that can be employed to facilitate and demonstrate compliance even during times of change. Participants will participate in small group activities to identify approaches that can improve their ability to maintain and document compliance and apply selected data utilization and communication strategies to demonstrate compliance with selected standards.

Room: Bur Oak
Katie Busby University of Mississippi
Lynne S. Crosby Austin Peay State University


Sessions: 6

SAIR 2017 Fort Worth