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SAIR Proposal

SAIR Conference Program 2017
Sunday, October 08, 2017
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 19
Workshop 19 - Strategic Leveraging of Metrics for Institutional Change 

Metrics and accountability are big and evolving challenges facing universities and IR offices. But where does IR fit in this conversation? Are we simply providing data or empowering strategic thinking? At FSU, we have a new strategic plan and countless performance metrics. IR has taken this as an opportunity to create a more strategic role in the implementation. Does the strategy drive the metrics or vice-versa? The presentation shows how metrics shape the implementation of strategic planning and how performance metrics can lead to work groups that are tasked with improving metric performance. Metrics allow us a means to identify success and failure, while metrics themselves inform and drive planning and funding.

Room: Bur Oak
Galiya Tabulda Florida State University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 20
Workshop 20 - How to Build and Implement Online Surveys Using Qualtrics Software

Online survey platforms have become increasingly more useful to IR offices as we incorporate student learning outcomes within our surveys and online assessments. This workshop will demonstrate the components of online surveys and assessments using Qualtrics software. We will cover the basics of online surveys: how to build, distribute, increase response rate, analyze and export results. This will include real survey examples, share ways to avoid pitfalls, and explore tips for success based on first-hand experience with Qualtrics software. All pre-registered attendees will receive a temporary Qualtrics account that will be used during the workshop for demonstration purposes. Attendees should bring individual laptops or iPads with them in order to participate in the hands-on portion of the workshop.

Room: Post Oak
Somer Givens Troy University
Shama Akhtar Bowie State University
Wendy Broyles Troy University


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 21
Workshop 21 - Data Governance Workshop

Many institutions struggle with ensuring that their data is accurate, well-defined and secure. Data silos across campus, lack of consistency in data entry and lack of responsibility for data quality can impede accurate reporting. This workshop will prepare you to begin a data governance initiative to address many of the problems surrounding data quality and usage at your institution. This workshop will provide basic data governance theory and leave you prepared to assess the status of your institution and begin a new data governance initiative or breathe new life into a failed data governance attempt. 

Room: Elm Fork I
Patricia White Belmont University
Mary Lucus Belmont University


Pre Conference Workshop /

Session 22
Workshop 22 - Using Unemployment Insurance (UI) Wage Data to Inform Various Stakeholders

What happens to students after they graduate? Do they find jobs? How much do they earn? It is becoming critical for higher education to address these questions, however, the necessary data are not readily or consistently available. To help institutions begin to face these challenges, this workshop will share steps the University of Texas System took to develop a data sharing agreement with the state's workforce commission. Secondly, detail about the unemployment insurance (UI) data cleaning and preparation process for analysis purposes will be shared. Lastly, additional analyses demonstrating the utility of wage data to inform students/parents, administrators, and legislators about student success and the value of higher education will be discussed.

Room: Elm Fork II
David Troutman University of Texas System


Pre Conference Workshop / Workshop

Session 23
Workshop 23 - R101

Have you ever worked with a data set that had more rows of data or too many formulas than Excel can handle? Do you need an inexpensive tool to assist in your analysis of data? Have you thought about R programming? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then this session is for you. In this session, the basic functions and operations of R programming will be discussed to provide the attendee with some working knowledge of the software.

Room: West Fork II
Barrie Fitzgerald Valdosta State University
Sarah E. Hough Valdosta State University


Sessions: 5

SAIR 2017 Fort Worth